Why Is My Poop Green?

Why is my poop green? Are you one of those people who keep on asking themselves this question after going to the bathroom to defecate? There are actually a lot of reasons why our poop turns green occasionally. For babies, this is usually a normal occurrence especially during their first days of life. The baby’s intestine is so sterile that when they get to pass their first poop, it is somewhat greenish in color. This is what they call meconium. For a child or an adult, having green colored poop can be disturbing especially if it is the first time that it happens to them or when they get to notice that the occurrence is becoming more frequent. One thing that should be assessed when you get to have green poop is your diet. Recall everything that you have taken the past few days and you may find the answer.

If you are fond of eating vegetables, you may notice that your poop sometimes have greenish stain. This is because vegetables have their green pigment that is called chlorophyll. Too much intake of green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage or lettuce may turn your stool green. Iron rich foods can also turn your poop green if taken in excessive amount. Some foods also have food coloring that can also be responsible in making the feces green in color. Some foods with too much coloring, especially those which are purple in color can give a rainbow like hue to the feces. Examples of these foods are gelatins, powder juices and even popsicles. Therefore if your kid has eaten one of those foods then you probably know the answer if he gets to ask you, “why is my poop green?”

Actually, it is not just the food we take which can be the culprit on why our poop becomes green in hue. For children, sometimes they get to put everything they see inside their mouth especially if they find them colorful or attractive. Children who are still in their oral stage love to taste everything they are curious with. For example, if they get to see a green crayon, they may think that it is delicious and edible, therefore they will eat it. This can also be a possible scenario on why their poop is color green

Our liver secretes bile that is stored in the gall bladder. The function of the bile is to digest and emulsify fats in our diet. Bile is actually excreted by the gallbladder in the first portion of the small intestine. When the food is thoroughly digested in the small intestine, the color of the feces will be somewhat golden brown. However, when the food only takes a short span of time to stay inside the small intestine, the color of the feces is usually green. This is because the food with the bile was not thoroughly churned and digested by the enzymes. This usually happens during a diarrheal episode wherein the food we eat reach the colon faster than it usually should. That is why people with diarrhea keep on asking, “Why is my poop green?”

In some cases, a color green stool may actually an indication of undigested food that becomes sequestered inside the colon. To resolve the problem, most physician order enema for their clients experiencing this problem. Enema is actually a solution that is used to irrigate the intestine so as to relieve the person from constipation or just merely to cleanse the bowel. There are actually different types of enema depending on the purpose of why it will be used. The solution is actually put inside the anus to reach the rectum and the intestine. The person gets to feel some urge to eliminate while the procedure is being done. Enema is also usually ordered for person who will undergo surgery. This is to clean their intestine thus lessening the risk for infection during surgery. Some people find this procedure uncomfortable but it is really effective if you want to get your bowel cleansed and relieve you from the heavy feeling of being constipated.

Why is my poop green? Having this question in mind, you must carefully assess yourself not just about your diet but most especially regarding how often this happens. You must also take note of the characteristics of your stool such as the texture, consistency, and the ease of defecating. If you noticed that there are some sudden changes in your bowel habit or the appearance of your stool for the past few days, it is still better to consult a physician. If you are experiencing some painful episode when defecating, it is a must to ask your doctor regarding this painful sensation. There are actually a lot of digestive problems that can be connected to sudden changes in bowel. Therefore, have yourself a visit with your doctor immediately when you get to notice some undesirable changes in your bowel.

If your poop turns green, the first thing that you should do is have a diet recall. Think of all the foods you have ingested and assess if they have certain components that can turn your poop green. For children with green color poop, it is best to also investigate on what foods and things that they have access to. Do not let them play with crayons or chalks for they are attractive to look at. Accompany and supervise your children when they are playing with art materials. These materials may not only turn your child’s poop green, it can also be toxic to their bodies.

When your poop turns color green, do not panic. Compose yourself and think of possible reasons on why such thing happened. If the occurrence seems to get more frequent, assess your bowel habits. Check if there are undesirable changes such as alternate episodes of diarrhea and constipation, stomach cramps, painful defecation and sudden drop or gain in weight. Ask yourself, “why is my poop green?” and assess all the factors mentioned earlier in this article.